Determining Compatibility in Personal Relationships  28

We all want to relate to each other in a meaningful way. We all have relationships that we question. Whether or not there is the potential for long term friendship or intimacy. Whether or not we should continue those relationships or pursue them.It can be a difficult and confusing thing to try to discern whether or not we are compatible with others. Not that it is hard to make friends or find lovers or partners; more like it can difficult to determine if a relationship is worth the time and effort we put into it. Or if it has the potential to progress or evolve into a deeper more meaningful relationship if that is what we want. Or if it is best to let it go and invest our time and energy into something that we will find more fulfilling.We may want to determine how much compatibility exists within a relationship we have or we may be trying to assess if we should explore a new relationship and how we should manage our expectations within it.That is what this tutorial is designed to help us do.